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Glass Aid
Oklahoma City, OK 73119
Ph. (405) 631-5823

Amazing Resin and Excellent Company

We have used Delta Glass Repair products resins since the early 1990’s. Over the years we have received many resin samples and tested them to see how they match up. To date none have been able to match the appearance or strength of Delta Glass Repair Product’s resins.

We have received many compliments about the quality of our repairs over the years. One stand out was from a Sales Manager who stated that he had seen many windshield repair companies and windshield repairs, but had never seen repairs that blended in to the point they couldn’t be seen.

In terms of resin strength we have had 4 vehicles that we performed windshield repairs on which were involved in an accident due to another driver crossing the center line or running a stop. All 4 of the vehicles were totaled, and while the windshields were destroyed, none of the repairs failed. This includes 1 that the passenger side airbag deployed against the repaired area. Pictures of that can be seen on the “Windshield Safety” page online at PreventCracks.com.

Finally, Delta Glass Repair Products has joined us in taking a stand against multiple sclerosis by donating through our “Wipe Out MS” project, to the National MS Society. For those that are unaware MS is the leading cause of disability in young adults and according to the MS Center in Denver, Colorado is the third leading cause of disability in the United States.

In closing, I wish Roger and Lori the best as they take over the management of Delta Glass Repair Products.

Alan Geiger

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