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To place an order, call our toll-free hotline at: 800-248-8769
or send us an email through our Contact Form

** Now accepting credit card payments by phone! **

All orders placed by 3 p.m. Central Standard Time will be shipped on the day of order.  Orders may be placed 24/7, including Holidays, weekends and after hours by voice mail or e-mail.  Orders placed outside of normal business hours are shipped the next business day.

All phone calls to Delta Glass Repair Products are free.  Support is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Orders are shipped via USPS and overnight service is available upon request.

Click on each title below to see the products in that section.

Minnesota Resin 15mm Bottle/10CC $25.00
Minnesota Resin ½ oz Bottle $35.00
Minnesota Resin 1cc Resin in 3CC Bottle $2.50
Iowa Resin 15mm Bottle/10CC $25.00
Iowa 1/2 oz Bottle $35.00
Iowa Resin 1CC Resin in 3CC Bottle $2.50
Pit Filler 25mm Bottle/10CC $25.00
Pit Filler ½ 0z Bottle $35.00
Bridge Kit $100.00
Bridge Suction Cup, 3-1/2" $35.00
Injector Assembly $6.00
Injector Tip $1.10
Aluminum Injector Assembly $10.00
Curing Lamp (9 volt) $100.00
Curing Lamp Kit $19.95
AC/DC Power Adaptor $15.00
UV Bulb, 4 watt, 6" long $8.00
Drill Kit, 2 speed, Dremel $29.95
Battery, Dremel (for above) $20.50
Collet, 3/32" for Our Burs $4.50
Collet, 1/16" for Small Burs $4.50
Dental Drill Bur, .8mm head $1.75
Dental Drill Bur, 1mm head $1.75
(The above dental burs have 3/32" shanks for greater heat control)
1 Flat Mirror $12.00
Magnifying Mirrors $10.00
Sunscreen $25.00
Suction Cup Jelly $4.00
Pit Polish, 8 oz Bottle $7.50
Probe, Carbide Tip, Mag. End $8.00
Star Maker Punch (Snap-on) $15.00

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